Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd (HDFC Ltd) is India’s leading housing finance provider with over four decades of experience in the financial services sector. The company operates in various business segments such as loans, life insurance, general insurance, asset management, and others. HDFC Ltd also runs one of India’s most successful mutual funds and is actively involved in the stock market as a key player.

HDFC Ltd Share Price:

HDFC Ltd’s share price has seen considerable movement in the stock market. As of March 8th, 2023, HDFC Ltd’s share price stands at Rs.2682.80 on the BSE and Rs.4944.50 on the NSE. This marks a 0.18% increase on the previous day.

In addition, HDFC Ltd has a market capitalization of Rs.490,671 crore and 12-month earnings of Rs.24,996 crore, with a price-earnings ratio of 19.63.

HDFC Ltd Stock Analysis:

In order to understand the stock market movements of HDFC Ltd, investors should use a range of analysis tools and metrics. HDFC Ltd’s key metrics include consensus recommendations, research reports, global inflation trackers, and price-earnings ratio.

Analyzing the metrics of HDFC Ltd allows investors to determine the stock’s momentum and make informed decisions on when to buy or sell.

HDFC Ltd Share Price Prediction:

Analysts and investors alike make use of a variety of share price prediction tools to understand how the company’s stock will perform in the future. Camarilla Equation, Support and Resistance levels, SMA Indicator, and HDFC Ltd’s own sentiment forecast are all common tools used to gain insights into the stock’s future performance.

For example, Camarilla Equation predicts a share price of Rs.3096.38, which represents a 15.42% upside from the current price. In addition, Support and Resistance levels for HDFC Ltd stand at Rs.2675 and Rs.2943 respectively.

HDFC Ltd News and Analysis:

Staying up-to-date on the latest news and developments surrounding HDFC Ltd is crucial to making educated decisions when investing. Investors can take advantage of news sources such as EquityPandit and ET Prime to stay abreast of news related to the company and gain a better understanding of the stock’s current and future performance.

Analysis tools such as Technicals, Forecast, Peers, and Shareholdings provide an in-depth look into the stock’s movements and allows users to better understand the stock’s underlying momentum.


HDFC Ltd is a leading Indian company in the financial services and housing finance sectors with decades of experience. Its share price has seen substantial movement in the market, and is currently trading at Rs. 2682.80.

In order to stay informed about HDFC Ltd’s stock movements, investors should use a variety of analysis tools, such as Camarilla Equation, Support and Resistance levels, and SMA Indicators. They should also stay up to date with the latest news and developments surrounding HDFC Ltd by reading sources such as EquityPandit and ET Prime.

By making use of the available resources and analysis tools, investors can make educated decisions that will allow them to maximize returns and mitigate risk when investing in HDFC Ltd’s stock.