Are you looking for the latest updates on the LT Finance share price? With the ever-changing market trends, it is important for investors to stay up to date on their investments. Whether you are investing in LT Finance or looking to invest in the future, this article provides in-depth analysis and valuable insights into all the important aspects regarding LT Finance stock.

LT Finance Holdings has been a popular stock among investors for several years due to its financial stability, growth and returns. The LT Finance share price today is Rs 91.80 and its volume is 34,08,966. The company’s market capitalization is worth INR 23,002.89 crore as of 16th April 2021.

What Does the LT Finance Share Price Offer Investors?

Investing in LT Finance shares comes with several advantages. Here are some benefits of investing in LT Finance stock:

Financial Stability: LT Finance has a strong financial outlook with a book value of 82.4104 and a ROE of 4.66%. The company’s Piotroski Score signifies that it is well-positioned to generate strong returns.

Growth: The LT Finance share price has surged by 6.61% in the past 52 weeks. It is currently at an all-time high and is expected to show further growth prospects in the coming months.

Returns: As of today, the LT Finance share price has offered returns of up to 22.26%. LT Finance stock currently offers investors a dividend of 0.55%.

LT Finance Stock Analysis

In order to make sound investing decisions, investors must conduct in-depth analysis of the stocks they are interested in.

There are several financial analysis tools available to analyse the performance of LT Finance stock, such as Moneycontrol Stock Insights. Important metrics such as market capitalisation, shareholding, P/E ratio, and more, can help investors gain wealth insights.

In addition, investors must also consider sector-wise comparison and industry benchmark. This can help investors get an idea of the company’s success relative to its competitors.

Important Factors to Consider Before Investing in LT Finance

Investors must always ensure they are aware of the associated risks before investing in a company’s stock. To help investors gain insight into the risks associated with LT Finance stock, here is an important overview of its financials:

Debt Coverage: LT Finance Holdings’ debt is not well covered by operating cash flows. Investors should bear this in mind before investing in LT Finance stock.

Shareholding: Promoters of LT Finance currently hold 66.15% of the company’s stock. This reflects how widely-held the stock is and should be taken into consideration by investors before investing in LT Finance.

Earnings: LT Finance has reported revenue of Rs 1,464 crore in the past 12 months, making it an attractive investment opportunity.


LT Finance Holdings has proved to be a reliable and profitable stock for investors over the years and is expected to remain so in the future. With rising investor confidence and continued improvement in financial performance, LT Finance provides an attractive investment option and is a good option for long-term investors. However, investors should always take into account all the relevant information before investing in the stock. Moneycontrol Stock Insights is a great tool for analysing the performance of LT Finance stock and making informed decisions.