Investing in the stock market is often a risky proposition, as it can be difficult to predict the direction of the markets. To help maintain a grip on the situation, investors should stay informed and alert to the latest updates and analysis of stocks prices. Manappuram Finance Limited is one of the leading NBFC in India, and its current share price has been making large gains and losses of late. This article will provide an insight into the latest updates, analysis and trends of Manappuram Finance Limited’s share price in 2023.

Manappuram Share Price – Updates in 2023

As of 08 March 2023, Manappuram Finance Limited’s share price closed at Rs 109.30, falling by 1.10 points or 1.00%. An impressive 7,28,162 shares were traded on this day. The share price has been volatile over the past year, with a range of between Rs 81.50 and Rs 126.15. This can be seen with the Beta value of Manappuram Finance, indicating some volatility with the market with a Beta of 1.04. During the past month the share price has fallen by 0.26%.

Manappuram Share Price – Analysis in 2023

In order to analyse hold a more informed position regarding Manappuram’s share prices, investors can look into some traditonal metrics. For example, the PE Ratio of Manappuram Finance as of 03rd March 2023 is 7.37044942872529. This indicates a relatively cheap share price, as the PE ratio itself is within historically low levels. The Return on Equity (ROE) of Manappuram Finance is at 17.6084097917529%, for the latest year. The company is current trading at prices closer to its book value.

Furthermore, Manappuram Finance’s earnings per share (EPS) for the March quarter is expected to be Rs 15.7, with an average estimate of Rs 17.6 and high estimate of Rs 19.6. This shows potential steady or increasing profits within the company. Manappuram Finance has relatively low volatility as its weekly volatility (5%) has been stable over the past year.

In light of the above data, investors are able to gain more accurate insights into Manappuram Finance’s share price in the near future. If we look at a more detailed view we can see that Analyst Recommendations have a BUY rating and the 5 year Average P/E is 13.1. The 52 Week Low stands at Rs 81.50 and the 52 Week High stands at Rs 126.15. Consequently, if we try to predict the Manappuram Finance Share Price Target in 2023, then first target can be Rs 135 and the second target will be Rs 145.

Manappuram Share Price – Trends in 2023

Manappuram Finance Limited has seen an impressive rise in terms of its stock price in the past years. Furthermore, its shares have also been increasing steadily too over the past 12 months. This implies that the company has maintained a consistent market presence and its shares have steadily been gaining traction.

Furthermore, the company’s reports from experts and analysts from the previous earnings report have provided strong key profitability statistics. It is worth noting that there are a high number of new directors, which could potentially promote better confidence in Manappuram Finance.

Finally, also taking into consideration the low volatility of the Manappuram Finance share price and growth in gold prices, a possible uptrend in the Manappuram Finance share price can be anticipated in 2023.


Manappuram Finance Limited’s share price has been incredibly volatile. However, it still presents investors with some potential gain potential in the near future. By taking into account key metrics such as the PE ratio, ROE, and EPS, investors can make better-informed decisions with regards to their portfolio. Furthermore, analysts and experts have given a BUY rating indicating that the share price could potentially rise further in the near future. Finally, with the rising gold prices and low volatility in the Manappuram Finance share price, it is anticipated that the share price will continue to rise.

Overall, it is prudent for investors to keep a vigilant eye over Manappuram Finance Limited’s share price in order to gain an upper-hand in the stock markets. By analysing the latest updates, trends, and analysis of Manappuram Finance’s share price investors can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Happy investing!